Ariadne’s Favourite Thing – Stickers

A few months ago we realized that Ariadne was pretty taken with stickers.  It probably started when the TraderJoes cashiers got some new “fall” stickers in and started giving her a bunch at every visit.  Like she really needs an excuse to love that place more, right??

And then, after realizing how much she loved them, we decided that stickers would make fantastic Celebratory Potty Rewards.   Maybe I’ll post about that some more later, but honestly I’m a little worried about jinxing our awesome luck with potty introduction…so that can wait.  So for the last few months Ariadne has enjoyed receiving her Celebratory Potty Rewards.

As if there could be anything more awesome, eh?

But then, her Nana bought her JUMBO stickers.

And they promptly ended up all over our kitchen cabinets (don’t have a heart attack, we’re painting them soon anyways so I’m not worried about sticker gunk.)

Stickers make my girl happy, and that makes me happy!


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