18 Months

Yes, this post is coming at you three weeks late.

Truly, I have a bag full of valid excuses for my lateness as well as my absence – some of which include, being perpetually sick with everything from the worlds worst cold EVER, pink eye, the flu (WHY?) for the better part of two months now, having surgery to remove my annoying gallbladder, preparing to start grad school next month…and whole bunch of “I just don’t feel like blogging” excuses.  I can’t promise this will start a trend, because it probably won’t.  I’m about 90% sure I’m done with regular blogging, unless my life gets back under some realm of normalcy soon.

Anyways, on to the awesome little girl we have on her way to TWO!


Toddler Ariadne is the best.

The majority of the time she is so awesome that it leaves me wondering how we got so fortunate.

Our little girl has always been a little bit more reserved than the other kids she’s around.  Not to say she doesn’t love socializing, because she lights up when other kids come around, and will charm the socks off any adult.  But, she’s still quiet…reserved….you know.  I love this about her.  It always makes me wonder what she’s thinking, because she always looks so thoughtful.

She loves to draw or “craw craw craw” as we hear eleventy billion times a day.  For Christmas, Santa brought her a little table and chair set that she’s been thoroughly enjoying climbing on so that she can draw with all of the new drawing items Nana purchased.  Our fridge is already full of artwork.

The little goofball is starting to come out in her.  For no reason other than to strike a smile, she’ll start twirling in the middle of the bathroom, dancing to a song, pretend jumping, or doing the chicken dance.


She’s very much so into telling all of her dolls and stuffed animals to “Night Night” (said in a really creepy voice BTW) after covering them with a blanket (completely you see, she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of keeping the head uncovered yet.)

A daredevil is also coming out in her lately too.  The climbing has begun – although thankgoodness not out of her crib.yet. – as well as throwing herself back on things without thinking that maybe there isn’t anything to catch her.


As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been…potty introducing?  I’m not sure I should be saying the actual term, because it’s still very laid back and slow…but I think we’re starting to get close to testing out trainers.  The last four months have been full of potty introduction, and now we’re at the point where she uses the potty on average about 3-4 times a day, both number one and number two.  Sometimes she prompts a potty trip by saying “Poop”, other times she asks for the potty after waking up, and most of the time we just try because she woke up dry, or has been dry for a long period of time.  We have zero expectations of when she will actually be potty trained.  I’m fully aware that she could regress, or just not be entirely ready for months, or over a year from now.  For the moment, we’re taking it day by day, and it appears to be working, very well indeed.

She’s learning colours and starting to mimic counting and the alphabet.  We’ve been amazed more than once when she’s come home from school pointing out a specific colour, or showing us an animal we didn’t know she knew.

She LOVES Thomas the Train.  Oh, but she’s scared of real trains.  Even though we tell her they are all Thomas, Gordon, Percy and Emily.  No matter, she both loves and fears “Momas.”  Oh, did I mention that we live near railroad tracks, and the night trains go through about four times a night?  Makes for good nights.

She LOVES Elmo.  Or, “Melmo”


As you can tell, her vocabulary is exploding beyond recognition.  At her 18 month well check appointment, the doc asked how many words she had now, and The Hubs couldn’t even articulate it.  50ish?  Who knows, it could be 100 at this point.  To think, four months ago, I was worried about her not talking much.

We’re starting to get words put together, but not often.  So far we’ve gotten a lot of “My Daddy, My Mommy, My milk” type of strings.

What else?  Oh, growth!  At her 18 month appointment, Ariadne was 25.4lbs (around 50% I believe) and 34.5inches (>98% – AKA off the charts)  I can’t believe how tall she is.


Which has led to her starting to wear size 2T.  She’s in a few pairs of 2T pants now, and the rest 18-24 (that are getting too short) and some 2T shirts, but mostly 18-24 month.  Size 5 and 6 shoes depending on the style.

There’s more.  There’s always so much more.  I just don’t know how to compress every inch of awesomness into ONE post.

But I can tell you this.  My kid is amazing.  She’s awesome.  The greatest person I know.  This month, with all of it’s not so awesome sick moments, has made me realize just how much I love my life.  Because of this little girl.


And…we’re officially starting to plan a birthday party.  Her SECOND Birthday Party.  What?!




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