Profound Moment Girl

If you could have one superpower, what would it be, and why?  (and yes, I am going to ignore the month long hiatus I’ve just taken and not bother with explanations)

This is something that I’ve been asked many times over my 26 years, and every single time I’ve been stumped.  Every possible answer seems so trivial.  Walk through walls – so I can rob a bank.  X-ray vision – BOOBS (said a man.)  Flying – I could get somewhere faster!

They’re all so trivial, and OBVIOUS.  And I’m anything but trivial and obvious.  I’ve never come up with an answer good enough.

Until now.

It came to me all of a sudden the other day when I had a truly profound moment.  I know, I sound so…profound by saying that.  But I did.  I had one of those moments in life where you want to shout from the rooftops and jump for joy, your heart free.

I had one of those moments you wish you could relive over and over, just to experience that euphoria, and not simply the memory, over and over.

And that’s when I realized it.  If I could have any superpower, I would want the ability to relive moments.  Moments of my choice (since I’m the superhero and all, I do get to decide that, you know) and enjoy them at my beck and call.

They would call me Profound Moment Girl.

Naturally, I began to think of all of the moments I would relive.  These are a just a few of the ones I came up with.

– Seeing the total solar eclipse with my family in Germany circa 1999.  Night in the middle of the day.  My skin crawls with the creepy-ness of how awesome it was.

– The moment I turned the corner to my senior year government class at 5am on the day we were starting our lesson on dictatorships.  I may not have been the only one who had plans to take over our class that morning to solidify their Dictatorship.  But I was the first one there.  (I will however, refrain from reliving the moment two days later when I had to step down from my mock dictatorship because I was apparently too good at it)  In case you were wondering, I also orchestrated the elaborate assassination of our monarchy during a different lesson.  I was really into government.

– The moment I saw my first (and so far only) positive pregnancy test and the moment 9 months later, when I met that little person.

– The first time I laid real-life eyes on The Hubs the first time he came to visit me.  I still get butterflies just thinking about it.

– The first time I heard Ariadne laugh because she thought something was funny, not just because she was reacting to us.

– Having my friend Brittany say that my new hair cut made me look like a superhero version of myself.  Umm awesome much?!

So what was that profound moment that made me realize my superhero power of choice?

– The moment that I realized that I could just be myself.  That I didn’t have to worry about if someone liked me, or if they didn’t.  The moment I realized that I actually really liked myself and that that was so much better than trying to make people like me.  Realizing that I spent the majority of my life trying to fit myself into other people’s lives was like a light bulb going off in my head.  How did it take me this long to figure this crap out?!

So in true get to know you fashion.  What moments would YOU relive?  I know you can’t beat my Dictatorship Takeover, but I encourage you to try.


4 thoughts on “Profound Moment Girl

  1. I wanted to play along and started typing. I got to Number 15 and decided there were just too many moments I’d want to relive. Your post is a wonderful reminder that the moments I’d like to relive far outweigh the painful ones.

    Five, I will share

    1. The first time Peter took my hand.
    2. Telling Peter we were pregnant, both times, and looking in my babies eyes for the first time, and seeing their beautiful perfect little hands.
    3. The eclipse, without a doubt.
    4. An awesome day wondering around Venice with my daughter, getting lost, riding the water taxi and seeing Venice laid out in front of us….
    5. Handing my new son to my dad for the first time, and seeing tears in my dad’s eyes. I was so very proud.

    oh… and walking in the woods behind our house in England with Jordan’s chubby little hand in mine, he was 18 months old, the sun was shining and it was a perfect moment.

    that’s six.. and I’m getting carried away again.

    Great post, Boo.

  2. GREAT superhero power. I want to play. I’d relive:

    1. The Christmas that my Dad forgot his chapstick when we left the house to go to my grandmother’s house – the moment he opened up a chapstick as part of a gag gift and yelled out “GLORY HALLELUJAH!” (My dad is hopelessly addicted to Chapstick)
    2. The moment my brother was leaving for college and hugged me – I suddenly realized I really did love him and would miss him (ha!).
    3. The moment I opened up the letter that said I received a journalism fellowship in Arizona – the reason why I moved here.
    4. The moment I first met Mike and we were riding up an escalator at a Suns game and I thought, “Dang, that guy is good lookin.”
    5. The moment I saw my positive pregnancy test. I can picture every detail of the moment in my mind, but I would love to experience that feeling again.
    6. The hail storm of 2010. I had a brand new baby dressed in a pumpkin sleeper, Mike was home from work for lunch, and that hail was unlike anything I’d ever seen. It all seemed somehow magical.

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