Big Girl Tea

Growing up I always remember thinking tea was the epitome of a fancy extravagant event.   We had tea parties to celebrate big days, we had tea parties to celebrate weddings of fictional characters on tv, and we had tea parties for no reason at all.

Over the last two years Ariadne and I have had lots of tea parties.   But no fancy big girl tea parties.

So a few weeks ago, after realizing that we could officially call her potty trained, I asked Ariadne if she wanted a BIG GIRL tea party.

Of course she giddily said YES.

And so my mum and I planned a big girl, fancy pants tea party.

We brought out the fine china, the flowers, the linens (ironing not necessary), the fancy dresses and invited some of our favourite ladies over for a No Pee Tea Party (No Diaper Tea Party didn’t have quite the same ring to it)


It’s moments like these that you feel very much so the mother of a little girl.


At first, Ariadne didn’t quite know what to think of it.  She sipped her apple juice (tea!) delicately and nibbled on her Digestive biscuit.


For a few minutes I didn’t think she fully comprehended the awesomeness of a big girl tea party.

That was…until I asked her if she was ready for dessert.


She really appreciated the dessert course!

And it’s moments like these that I realize how very much I am thankful for the friends in my life who know me so well as to exclaim –

“Jaye, just don’t look down…just don’t” (referring to the apparent mass of melted chocolate, strawberry and apple juice pooled on the satin dress Ariadne wore)

It was a great tea party and we can’t wait to have another!


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