About Me

I’m Jaye.  A lot of people like to call me Jaye Fay (more on that later)

I was born in Canada and think it’s like the greatest place.ever.

I’m a huge nerd.  I love space, numbers, reading and make believe.

I work in non-profit accounting, but love being creative – in the kitchen, with a paintbrush or behind the lens.

I’m a simple girl, that might be a little bit too brash on the occasion.  I’m ridiculously passionate.  I’m loyal to my core.  And a little bit stupid (every now and then)

In October 2000 my life turned upside down, inside out and threw me through a loop, when I unexpectedly met my soulmate.

I was 14.

And like every other tweener that ever did exist, I just knew he was the one.

Only, for me, he really was!

I guess you could say it was fate in some way.  It would be an ironic felony if I didn’t marry the boy who could give me a last name that rhymed with my first.  It was the only logical thing to do.

So in March 2009 I married him.  After many years of friendship (and boyfriendship) I made him The Hubs.

He’s getting his PhD in Statistics, more specifically, he’s a psychometrician, which means he’s a genius.   I could try to explain what he does, but it’s too complex even for my accountant brain.

And that’s how we became Jaye Fay (socially that is, since I am actually pretty attached to the name I was born with and never changed it) and The Hubs.

Then in June of 2011 we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Ariadne Mira into the Universe.

She’s a ginger, which makes her much cooler than 99% of other babies, since gingers are going extinct.

She is hilarious and brilliant.  Her favourite things are

She is undoubtedly, the best thing I’ve ever baked.  And that’s really saying something, since I make pretty fabulous pies, cookies, cakes and bread.

This is my blog.  It’s unclassifiable.  Sometimes a Food Blog, DIY Blog, Green Living Blog, Things That Annoy Me Blog…Mostly a Mommy Blog.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found your site while looking at RF car seats and just have to say that the second pic of your daughter is THE CUTEST EVER! Her lil’ fingers in her mouth… too much! You can totally see her personality. That pic is an award-winner.

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