2012 in Review

Last January I made a post about my Resolutions and you know what?  I never looked back on them.  Not once. Until today. And guess what? I didn’t do half bad! Get Health(ier)  2012 was definitely my year for this one – but it took some time.  I spent about half of the year gaining back […]

18 Months

Yes, this post is coming at you three weeks late. Truly, I have a bag full of valid excuses for my lateness as well as my absence – some of which include, being perpetually sick with everything from the worlds worst cold EVER, pink eye, the flu (WHY?) for the better part of two months […]

Capturing Lane’s Birth

What seems like eons ago (and was probably something like 6 months) my friend Mya asked me to be a pseudo labour coach and birth photographer for the birth of her second child.   She had a long labour with her son and felt that it was most likely stalled by getting an early epidural. […]

Just Playing

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days. It’s about time! Arizona has been torturing us this year.  Higher temps, lasting longer, with these little teaser days where it’s beautiful. Well, I think the temps have officially broken. While most of the country is bundling up for snow (I wish!) we are finally able […]

Apples to Apples

This kid loves apples. She loves saying apple, signing apple, pointing to apples and as of late, eating them like a big girl! It really surprised me that she was able to just start chomping away at it.  Surely she is too young for this?  But alas, my little girl (aka BIG girl) has some […]

Ariadne’s Favourite Thing – Stickers

A few months ago we realized that Ariadne was pretty taken with stickers.  It probably started when the TraderJoes cashiers got some new “fall” stickers in and started giving her a bunch at every visit.  Like she really needs an excuse to love that place more, right?? And then, after realizing how much she loved […]

Fluffy Butts: Cloth Complications

It goes without saying, that no matter what kind of diapers you use you’re going to hit the occasional snafu.  The following are just a handful of the things that can go wrong, and some simple ways to solve the problems, so you don’t go crazy! Preventing diaper build up:  Some people never have to […]

Fluffy Butts: Our Stash(es)

Deciding which type of cloth diapers to use can be a tough decision. As many people in the cloth diapering community will tell you, cloth is not a one size fits all item.  There are so many options and brands, and they all work better/worse for different families.  Diaper trials are a great way to […]