18 Months

Yes, this post is coming at you three weeks late. Truly, I have a bag full of valid excuses for my lateness as well as my absence – some of which include, being perpetually sick with everything from the worlds worst cold EVER, pink eye, the flu (WHY?) for the better part of two months […]


One Year Old. How did that happen? I swear, it was just yesterday that I was pregnant.  And yet today, I watched my little girl dive (literally) into her very first birthday cake! We’ll get to all the cake fun later, but for now let’s talk BGWF and all her one year old glory! At […]

11 Months Young

** Originally written on May 9th** Today is a big day. Today we are less than one month away from having a one year old. In thirty days my baby, my almost toddler, will graduate to being a kid. ; Part of me is so sad over this transition. Babyhood lasts such a short span […]

10 Months!

It’s been another month of major changes in our little girl.   Just the last week has practically transformed out baby into an almost toddler.  Craziness! Just like everyone told me, each stage, each month is better than the last.  I start thinking “Oh I love this phase, it’s my favourite!” and the next week […]

Nine Months

Holy Moley Guacamole We have a nine month old! The last month has been totally fun. We’re getting a taste of what having a little girl (and not a baby) is like and we are loving it! This month, Aria – is just over 19 lbs (55th%) and 29 inches long (95th%) and growing like […]

So you’re Eight Months Old, eh?

My baby. Is eight months old. We’re nearing the very tail end of her first year of life. This month Aria can: – crawl!  For real crawling.  She’s fast and determined.  Chasing the cats is her favourite activity (it was a close tie between the cats and cords/outlets) – clap.  She officially will clap when […]