A few things: While in Vancouver, we gave Ariadne poutine (that’s French Canadian for “zomg get in mybelleh”) and since she’s totally my kid…she obviously loved it. One of the first things The Hubs said to me after we landed back in Phoenix on Friday was “It’s such a relief to not be going anywhere […]

On Travelling with an Almost Toddler

A few months ago I wrote a post about travelling with an infant. What a difference a few months makes! Travelling with a toddler (or almost toddler in our case) is a totally different story.   When you fly with a 6 month old, you think “Ahhh my baby doesn’t want to be held…” when […]

Baby’s First Mug-shot

Aria’s passport picture. This is how serious my child is. I guess it’s cool since passport photos are supposed to be serious. But geez, it’s not like she would have gotten in trouble for smiling her big adorable grin! What can I say, she takes her job very seriously.

Travelling Baby!

We just arrived home from our first experience travelling with an infant. And there is only one word that can describe the event. Success! Below are a few highlights of travelling with a baby and maybe even some tips 🙂 We chose to fly close to naptime/bedtime – Both our flights were scheduled for sleepy […]