Life-Changing DIY Art

For a long time now I’ve been looking for an easy and cheap alternative to photo canvas’.  I really wanted one for over Ariadne’s crib, and had the perfect photo to use.  The only problem was, I just couldn’t justify the cost.  Even for a small canvas, you’re talking a few hundred bucks!  Money that […]

Aria’s Room

It’s magical how almost overnight the nursery we were working on suddenly became someone’s room.  Of course, this someone isn’t just anyone.  She is the most spectacular person I know (and we haven’t even formally met yet!) Sometime in the next month we’ll be bringing home our little Aria, and when she gets here, she […]

Nursery Deets

So that no one thinks I’ve fallen off the face of Nursery Planet over here – We’re still not 100% done with it, but here is BGF’s closet.  It was originally a regular closet with the rod up high.  Not really conducive to baby things that are small.  So my wonderful family helped by designing and building […]

Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Ugg.  The Nursery. BGF’s room is coming together.  Slowly.  Like, molasses slow. I have less than two weeks until my *deadline* of when I wanted her room done.  As it looks right now, 100% complete won’t happen, but we’re shooting for 85%.  I’m working on the mobile this week, and her closet is getting done […]

A Flirt of a Skirt

My last nursery update showed off  BGF’s finished curtains.  I was so happy that the whole “no-sew” plan worked out, because it meant that my likely-hood of pulling off a similar no-sew crib skirt was pretty high. I was so excited that it worked, that the next day I broke out the leftover fabric and […]

Nursery Happenings

This weekend was the official start to getting BGFs room ready.  We already purchased her crib and set that up, and the armchair – but really, the nursery isn’t in full swing until the painting is done! It was a LOT of work for two days, and I am so thankful that we have such […]

A Fabric Love Affair

Remember this post? The one where I shared with you our plans for BGFs nursery? Well, wouldn’t you know, about 30 seconds (okay, I think it was the next day) later we (read: I) had a big change of plans. It all started with a picture of an unknown fabric.  I was surfing the web, […]

The Beginnings of a Nursery

The box most definitely did NOT hold an elephant 🙂  But let me explain how what was in there does in fact relate to elephants! On Sunday night, our little girl’s crib arrived! I realize we may be way ahead of the game on this one, since we ordered it when I was barely 18.5 […]

Craigslist Revival – Part 2

It’s a little late, but we finally have a working TV Stand.   A few final coats of paint on the drawers, some new hardware and BAM – our beautiful Craigslist Revival is complete! And boy, do I luurve it! Eventually we’ll need to drill holes in the back so the cords for the receiver […]

Craigslist Revival

Many moons ago we made a few spur of the moment Craigslist purchases.   We had found two relatively ugly, unloved, dumpster dreaming dressers, in much need of some love and admiration.  The second I saw them, I called up The Hubs and ordered (read: politely requested, with a sense of urgency) that he get […]