Fall, Where are You?

Right around this time every year, I start yearning for Fall to arrive.  It always happens around my birthday (last week, in case you were wondering) when school has been back in session for a few weeks, The Hubs has started classes again (note: this is his last semester EVER of course work for his […]

An Artist

I had such plans for Ariadne’s first pumpkin craft project. I’ve never been big on carving pumpkins…I think the innards are gross and slimy…so I wasn’t so much looking forward to carving this year. Then I realized that there are no steadfast rules to pumpkin decorating.  So I decided we would paint them. I wanted […]

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we took part in an age old fall tradition – The Pumpkin Patch! Fall is my most favourite season.  I love the colours in the changing leaves.  The cool – yet not too cold temperatures.  The yummy pumpkin flavoured things.  Thanksgiving and Halloween. I’ve so looked forward to Fall this year. So we […]