The Diaper That Almost Wasn’t

We all know I’m obsessed with our cloth diapers.  Well, hopefully in a second you’ll understand the less level-headed, way more shallow reason why. The primary dipes we use are Bum Genius 4.0 pockets.  The only problem with these dipes are that there aren’t very many pattern options.  You see, BG mainly makes colours, not […]

Cloth Diapering a Newborn

When Ariadne was only two days old, we met with a lactation consultant (a story for another post) who was giddy at my mention of us cloth diapering our newborn.  She asked what made us make this decision. My answer was a strong “There was never a time when I didn’t plan to!” Disposables just […]

A Greener Baby

We’re having a GREEN baby! Hopefully not the colour green, that might be a little strange.  Nope, the other kind of green.  The eco-friendly kind. Even before we were married, The Hubs and I made a lot of decisions about caring for our future littles.  Some involved planning future research on language immersion or home […]

A Basket That Delivers

I haven’t posted our co-op bounty for a few weeks.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting them, just that I’ve been too lazy to post about it…and I figure that stuff is getting boring for you all. This morning hubby went for the pickup because I was stuck in bed with a migraine and […]

Produce Bag Giveaway!

First, let me formally introduce you all to my new site!  I’ve officially moved into the realm of private domains!  We are definitely not 100% completed, actually, the site is probably only functioning at 60% of completion right now!  Many more adjustments to come – but for now, it’s here, up and running! So for […]

#4 Greener Shopping

I’ve wanted to be a mesh produce bag user for a long time.  I was never sure about making them myself though, and was apprehensive about the cost of purchasing them.  That was until I found Love For Earth.  This Etsy seller makes adorable produce bags, at quite a discount.  They come in a plethora […]

Bountiful Bleuets!

This weeks basket is awesome, as usual! The co-op was also offering a flat of blueberries, so of course, I went for it!  13 containers of bleuets! Fruits: 3 peaches, 5 pluots (?), 1 watermelon, 1 pineapple, 6 bananas, 1 bag black seedless grapes, 1 container blueberries (this was in the regular basket, I also […]

Woo Hoo For Co-op

While we were on vacation, we missed out on a co-op basket 😦  Even though we were having a blast, I was worrying about what we were missing in our basket.   Such a girl of simple pleasures, eh? So my Mum offered to order and pick up our basket last week since we were […]

Word Of Mouth Awesomeness

This article was just sent over to me. It’s about the food co-op that we take part in, Bountiful Baskets! Reading the article almost brought a tear to my eye.  It’s just plain awesome to take part in something (and volunteer when we can) that has been entirely run by word of mouth.  The article […]