Painters Froggy Friend

I’ve picked up the paint brush again. This time I’ve made a new friend.  A green friend.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this guy is eco-friendly – but sometimes, even us Planet Huggers have to have a non-EF vice.  He’s green in colour, sticky in texture, and makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. No, I’m not […]

Backyard Jungle

When we bought this house the backyard was nice and pretty.  It was one of the reasons why we loved the house actually.  Then came the winter storms this year, which we quite hardcore for us Arizona residents.  We got more rain than we wanted, which led to our backyard flooding, and after a short […]

Stairwell to Heaven

Yah right.  More like stairwell to H.E. double hockey sticks! This time I really bit off more than I could chew.  I have no idea why I had it in my head that this banister painting project was something I could complete in two days.  Let me tell you folks, it is definitely not a […]

Armed and Dangerous

I don’t let no one take advantage of me.  Including bad caulking jobs.  I came home tonight on a mission.  A mission to destroy evil remnants from our lazy home builders.  Take that cracked caulking! Even on our first walk-through of the Would-Be Fay House, we knew that the bathrooms needed some additional lovin’ in […]