You've Been Brightened!

Finally, a project finished! I can hardly believe that we’ve accomplished one of our many unfinished projects. In the matter of one day, our main living area went from this to this What do you think? It is beautimous to me!  Just watching the room lighten as we covered up that nasty green (okay, it […]

Shower Solutions

One of the biggest things I hate about our house – the master bathroom shower. You can see a picture of it in our House Tour page.  It’s ugly, and quite tiny. When we first moved in, hubby tried to take a shower in there.  Immediately afterwards I knew it wasn’t going to work out […]


If you’ve seen my house tour, then you know that we have a bundle of barely used, completely un-furnished, un-decorated, un-loved rooms.  They are dying to have some attention.  Well, we can ignore the hubby’s office, it needs attention, but it’s not an emergency or anything.  The big deal is the guest room and the […]

Brightening Up

Are you ready for the big painting secret? Remember how our main living area looked like this? Well after this weekend, it’s on it’s way to being a little bit brighter Why this change? Well, friends.  The truth is, I suck at decorating.  I agonize over details and then change my mind once I can’t […]

White Washing

I have become a huge fan of painting everything I can touch white.  Well, it’s not really just painting – but that’s another story.  The point is I’m obsessed.  I love white – I want everything white if I can make it happen.  Heck, if we’re doing white, then we might as well do it […]

Picture Updates

If you’re bored – check out the House Tour tab at the top of the page.  I spent a good part of yesterday taking new photos of the house and uploading them.  My photo uploader was being super slow so I still have four more pics to get in there, but we’re looking much better […]

Mastering The Art Of Sleep

So I’ll warn you right now… This post is about our bedroom, not the whole upstairs.  But I promise to give you plenty of eye candy for the wonderful patience you have shown me 🙂  This weekend has blown the house to pieces in an attempt to get curtains up, paint our bathroom, and prepare […]