How We Saved Money On Vacation

Let’s just get this out in the open – vacations can be insanely expensive.  In many cases, long trips have the ability to break the budget if not planned carefully. Our trip to Canada was initially budgeted at $3,000 – for 10 nights/11 days.  I’m sure someone could do it for this amount, but we […]

#18 Flying Queen

I absolutely hate(d) flying. The funny thing is, I wasn’t always been like this.  When my family first moved to the States, I was flying back to Canada many times a year, by myself, NO problem.  I loved it.  In fact, there were times I was calming other passengers during turbulence.  Because everyone wants an […]

Favourite Things – Trip Edition

Our trip was full of great moments, but this post is full of random honourable mentions… You know, those little things that make a trip awesome, and not just great? These are in no particular order. Niagara Falls Epiphany I’ve seen the Falls before, and if there is something any Niagara Falls viewer can tell […]

#19 Road To The Falls

Although our trips primary goal was to show Hubby where I grew up (or as I like to call it…Operation Hubby Wants To Move To Canada) I made a secondary goal to take him to see the awesome natural wonder of Niagara Falls. Since the Falls aren’t super close to Ottawa, it involved us taking […]

#10 Home Is Where The Heart Is

We all know that Home is where the Heart is…but does everyone really know where their Heart is? Canada is where my Heart is.  I had high hopes of taking my Hubby up to the place I remember so fondly.  I wanted him to love it, really love it the way that I do. He’s […]