Big Girl Tea

Growing up I always remember thinking tea was the epitome of a fancy extravagant event.   We had tea parties to celebrate big days, we had tea parties to celebrate weddings of fictional characters on tv, and we had tea parties for no reason at all. Over the last two years Ariadne and I have […]


*dusts off blog* Wow. Long time no see. In many friendships there comes a day when you start questioning your commitment to that friendship.  You know what I’m talking about.  That friend that you let slip away little by little.   Maybe you don’t talk so often, maybe you’re drifting, maybe they just aren’t that […]

Profound Moment Girl

If you could have one superpower, what would it be, and why?  (and yes, I am going to ignore the month long hiatus I’ve just taken and not bother with explanations) This is something that I’ve been asked many times over my 26 years, and every single time I’ve been stumped.  Every possible answer seems […]

A Holiday Gallbladder Story

There’s not many things that go as well together as the Holidays and Gallbladders, eh? They’re like crackers and cheese, hugs and kisses. Or not. More like salted caramel on eggs (oh yea, that was for you Big Brother) Let me tell you.  The last thing you want to deal with around the holiday season […]

2012 in Review

Last January I made a post about my Resolutions and you know what?  I never looked back on them.  Not once. Until today. And guess what? I didn’t do half bad! Get Health(ier)  2012 was definitely my year for this one – but it took some time.  I spent about half of the year gaining back […]

Apples to Apples

This kid loves apples. She loves saying apple, signing apple, pointing to apples and as of late, eating them like a big girl! It really surprised me that she was able to just start chomping away at it.  Surely she is too young for this?  But alas, my little girl (aka BIG girl) has some […]

15 Months

These updates seem to be so far apart now that we’re passed the one year mark! The last few months have been unbelievable. I never thought I would love having a toddler as much as I do.  Early on I was very nervous for this stage, and quite honestly, it is challenging.  But it is […]

Ariadne’s New Nickname

Ariadne has a new nickname. And she decided on it all by herself. About three weeks ago, she started repeating her name after we said it. Except she wasn’t repeating Ariadne.  Or Aria.  Or Ari.  None of the names that we have used for her over the last year. Instead, she simply said Adne (Add-Knee) […]

Vacation. I need another.

We so rarely take vacations. Although, now that I’ve said that, I realize that we’ve been on three airplane trips and one road trip since January. Let me rephrase. There is no such thing as too much vacation. Vacations are everything that is good with the world. They are:  (Illustrated with pictures of BGWF, because […]