2012 in Review

Last January I made a post about my Resolutions and you know what?  I never looked back on them.  Not once.

Until today.

And guess what?

I didn’t do half bad!

Get Health(ier)  2012 was definitely my year for this one – but it took some time.  I spent about half of the year gaining back the 13lbs I lost while being pregnant (yup, if you didn’t read that post, I was down 13lbs within 72hours of giving birth) without even realizing it!  In August I decided to get on a scale – we didn’t keep one in the house because I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since I was 15…and couldn’t handle it.  Well, sure enough, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  It was depressing to say the least.  BUT, I reminded myself that I had just finished breastfeeding for a whole year, and when you breastfeed you have to EAT.  So it was okay.  I started back on my gestational diabetes diet (with some modifications) and by November I was pretty much back to post pregnancy weight.  I was running often and loving it.  And then I started getting sick.  Two months of being sick at the end of the year, including multiple gallstone attacks and a surgery.  I ended up losing 6 more lbs in the last few weeks with some additional diet changes.   So although I haven’t been able to run for a month, and I’m still working on weaning back into normal foods – I feel that I did really good on this one.

Work on myself This one is hard because I never really tried to accomplish it.  Yet, today, I definitely feel I did.  Throughout 2012 I thought long and hard about myself, focusing a lot of strength on my career.  What resulted was an application to grad school.  Something I thought I would NEVER do.  The realization that I wanted to go back to school was huge, and made me feel like I had a purpose again.  I also spent a lot of time reflecting on being a mother, and today I feel more fulfilled, more happy, more lively than I ever did before.  So, I didn’t necessarily work on myself, but I learned a lot about making myself happy this year.  It’s been a good year.

Get things on the wall Well…Flop.  In fact, we have less on the wall today than we did in January.  With a good excuse!  In November we had our entire house repainted, and well, with being sick for two months, I haven’t put anything back up!  But we did fill frames with family pictures and Ariadne pictures.  Plus I made that cool print for over Ariadne’s crib.  There was more on the walls!

Double our savings FLOOOOOP!  For a good reason though!  We started throwing our extra money at debt instead, and that’s never a bad thing.  In addition, we made a lot of BIG expenditures this year.  Lots of trips and painting the house etc.  I feel pretty good about this.

To not spend the year panicking about 2012 Hmm…well…I DID spend a lot of time dealing with my anxiety issues.  The good news is, I got some great advice on a coping mechanism and after working on it for awhile, it started working.  So my “end of the world” anxiety was definitely much more controlled than I expected.  Then I made it through the 21st without a panic attack.  Success!

All in all, 2012 was an amazing year.  I totally feel like we accomplished a lot in 12 months.   My life is more fulfilling than ever, and I truly look forward to everything that is in store for me/us!

So there you have it.  A year of successful resolutions!  I haven’t decided if I’ll be making a new list for 2013.  I may, but I’ll decide tomorrow 🙂


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